Improving Our Communities

Our companies are focused on providing value to the communities which we are part of.  All of our companies provide services that improve the lives of people in the communities where we operate.  Interprise supports these companies as a value-add partner and provides strategic support and governance.  Our companies benefit from active financial advisory and management services, as well as participation in the Interprise Partnership, a shared resource platform designed to increase margins and decrease operational overhead. 

Interprise Platform Services

All of our companies are focused on providing services that support and enhance the communities in which we operate.  Our core competencies center around technologies and services related to Critical Infrastructure, Healthcare, and Workforce Development. As a minority owned and operated firm, we are able to provide many of our services as a diverse supplier and many of our companies operate under federal, state and local diversity certifications.

Critical Infrastructure

Interprise investments in Critical Infrastructure have focused primarily on mission critical support services and performance on specialized projects.  Our companies are minority certified and have self performance capabilities as well as top secret clearances.

  • Engineering and Design/Build services 
  • Project Management and Oversight
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Industrial Control System (ICS) services
  • Critical Asset management services


Healthcare Services

Interprise investments in healthcare have focused primarily on impactful services to improve the lives of seniors and population health management.  

  • Home Care and Home Health Services specialized in culture based care
  • Network of assisted living homes
  • Technology to improve coordination of care for seniors
  • Population Health Management platform


Workforce Development

Interprise investments in Work Force Development have focused primarily on workforce disparity, training initiatives, and data driven workforce augmentation and outreach strategies in the health care, government, and technology sectors. 

  • Workforce Management and Augmentation
  • Community Development Initiatives and Training Programs
  • Workforce Consulting and Human Resources Management
  • Outreach and Recruitment Initiatives 


Business Services

Interprise makes strategic investments in business services companies that support the operations of its holdings and provide solutions for data driven technology and logistics initiatives.

  • Correlative and Predictive Data Analytics services
  • Business Process Outsourcing and Project Management
  • Content Management and Delivery services
  • Parking Management services and technologies