Strategic Capital Partners

Interprise Capital focuses on platform company sectors based on market research and trend analysis.  Interprise adds value to its platform companies by facilitating business development, process improvement, financial oversight, and M&A.  Each platform serves as a base for acquiring strategic add-on companies.  This strategy provides our CEOs with the added infrastructure, technology, and scale to increase the status of the entire network.

Interprise Capital is actively investing in public and private sector companies in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Contact us to learn more about our approach. 


  • Healthcare Services
  • Information Technology
  • Government Contracting
  • Parking & Valet Services

Management Team:

  • Seeking liquidity event, exit or transition, turnaround capital partner, or strategic capital partner to fuel growth

Investment Goals:                              

  • Control investment or minority investment with potential for eventual control in compelling companies within Industry Focus

Company Profile:                                

  • Growth: Business with long term positive trends of sustainable growth and competitive advantages. 
  • Exit: Companies looking to sell all or substantially all equity and minimize taxable consequences resulting from the sale.
  • Recapitalization: Companies seeking investment to reorganize management or infrastructure.
  • Distressed: Companies seeking an investment partner to assist in stabilization and growth.


Standard Investment Target:                             

  • $ 5,000,000-25,000,000

Ideal Enterprise Value:                     

  • $ 10-75 Million for Platforms
  • $ 2-20 Million for Add-Ons

Company Revenue:                             

  • $ 15-100 Million for Platforms
  • $ 2-20 Million for Add-Ons

Company EBITDA:                                

  • $ 1,000,000 +


  • Primary: Mid-Atlantic
  • Secondary: East Coast