Advisory Board

Kevin Hollins

Canal Group



Jimmy Rhee

State of Maryland

Emmit McHenry


Dean Parker

Blast Fitness

Robert Wallace

The Bith Group

Won Lee

Double W (SINB USA Inc.)











Management Team

Harrison Perry

Co-Founder & Partner

Specialized in developing innovative growth strategies combined with strong execution to lay the foundation for an organization’s long-term success, Mr. Perry is a Co-Founder of Interprise Partners.

Full Bio

email: hp@interprisepartners.com

Benjamin S. Carson, Jr

Co-Founder & Partner

With a background in M&A and business strategy, Mr. Carson focuses on creating value for the portfolio companies, strategic partners, and Interprise network relationships as  a Co-Founder of Interprise Partners.  

Full Bio

email: bc@interprisepartners.com

Steve Adler

Chairman, Interprise Advisory Board

A seasoned executive who brings over 35 years of senior management experience in driving growth in middle market companies, Mr. Adler is Chairman of the Senior Advisor of Interprise Partners. 

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email: sa@interprisepartners.com 

Kelvin Fu

Vice President

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email: kf@interprisepartners.com

Andre Castillo

Associate Vice President

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email: ac@interprisepartners.com