Won Lee


Advisory Board - Asia

Won Lee started his career as an entrepreneur, building a profitable business focused on the retail and distribution of high-end luxury fashion brands, while also growing his presence within the media, entertainment and art industry in his homeland of South Korea. After countless success stories within his region, Won’s thirst for expanding his vision to a global scale prompted a move to the US, where he worked as a creative director/agent for various productions, including fashion shows, music videos, commercials, and many other projects working closely with IMG/WME, and ITB. Today, in addition to his production and management related career, Won also works with mega real estate and hospitality groups (such as CBRE, Prodigy Network, and Soho House) for co-working and hospitality facility launches both domestically and internationally

Following his successes in media and real estate, Won spotted the potential of an early stage Korean eyewear brand, Gentle Monster, and ultimately became its CEO/CCO. Utilizing his expertise in creative innovation, Won drove the sensational retail culture that enabled Gentle Monster to become a global brand. Won led collaborations with renowned artists in designing campaigns, opening new locations, and putting on industry events. Under Won’s leadership the company experienced significant growth and expanded into an international enterprise with over $150,000,000 in sales and strong brand recognition.

Toady, Won is continuing to build his reputation as a successful businessman with an excellent eye for arts and media. His current projects include a $50M Media/Light Art installation project at a futuristic botanic garden in Jeju island, South Korea, consulting for high-growth brands, and advising aspiring artists. Recently having departed from Gentle Monster, Won looks forward to further exploring and elevating his vision.